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What We Do For You

Responsive and Reliable Customer Service

Our aim is to provide customer service that you can depend on. When you call us, you get friendly, professional service and assistance. You'll never be directed through an automated selection menu. Whether you need help with an order, technical assistance or have a sales inquiry, we’re here for you. Just call in, email us, or DM us on Facebook.

Technical Services

MSE Quality Assurance is an added essential tool to ensure all of our products consistently meet or exceed customer/product specifications. Our technicians are on-site 24/7, ensuring our products meet their required performance parameters. Our in-house testing lab is compliant with ASTM International standards, and our personnel participate in ASTM D20 committee meetings and 3rd party round-robin test programs to validate testing practices. Research and Development works closely with our resin suppliers, actively testing attributes of alternative, next generation resins to improve product development, performance, and cost savings. We are currently working toward Certification to ISO 9001:2015 International Standards.


Our warehouse facility is outfitted with ample inventory space. Separately located from manufacturing, our experienced personnel perform a final inspection and ready your load for cross country or overseas transport. We also utilize this space for floor stock programs, helping customers manage their inventory, improve delivery cycles, and increase profitability.

Transportation Logistics

Whatever the shipment size, we can handle it. Over 70% of our customer orders ship via our distinctive custom-wrapped trucks. We also utilize LTL and Intermodal deliveries. Our on-site dedicated logistics team works to ensure your material arrives at your facility in pristine condition. We're proud of our on-time delivery record and our safe, courteous drivers. It's a bit of Louisiana lagniappe that sets us apart.