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Who We Are

Founded on September 17, 1986.

We are a leading North American supplier of converting and process films for industrial packaging markets. Here at Mid South Extrusion, we have a strong history of infrastructure reinvestment and are always looking to make operational improvements. With ongoing investment and our dedicated team of employees, our customers can continue to expect the very best films and service in the flexible packaging industry. Our dedication to "converting ideas into film" continues today with our ExtrudTuff™ family of films, and the growth of our team and facility. With 130+ employees on site, our expansive campus is the perfect fit for our manufacturing, warehousing, and office space.

We are committed to developing and strengthening customer service relationships by understanding their needs and offering creative solutions with superior service. We dedicate ourselves to achieving the highest "Quality" standards relative to research, product development, manufacturing, sales, and transportation. Our consistent investment in highly trained, professional people will insure these efforts are met as we strive to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We will continue to invest in equipment and technologies as a means to strengthen our customer relationships and market position, while offering superior value to our owners, associates, and community.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and more...

Located in the sportsman's paradise state of Louisiana, we share a love and enjoyment of the great outdoors. We embrace the slogan, "reduce, reuse, recycle, and more," as viable environmental options available to us and our customers. Degradable and compostable additives have gained in popularity over the past 10 years, and customers may find value in using these in certain film applications. We're committed to helping our customers discover practical, economical, and efficient ways to manage their costs and remove plastics from the environment.

HR / Employment

We provide job and career opportunities for many people here in Northeast Louisiana. Our goal is to attract and hire individuals who want a career at MSE. Over 30% of our team members have been here 10+ years. We're proud of our ability to recruit and maintain a dedicated workforce and provide continuous employment opportunities. Privately owned, we're a family oriented company with a superior benefit package, competitive wages, and a rotating work schedule for all production employees. Our employees are our most valued asset, and a significant reason for our success. Click here to check for job openings.

Community Support

We are committed to supporting local and state organizations that share our values to enhance quality of life throughout our community. We support the United Way, disaster relief, local K-12 education, as well as community colleges and universities across our state. When away from work, our employees share our commitment and are engaged in both civic and faith-based organizations.

People Determine Quality